TrayTrac - The Starting Point for Zero Surgical Site Infections

graphic: surgical instrument tracking, utilizing Censitrac surgical instrument management softwareIncomplete instrument trays are a frequent reason for OR procedure delays. Such delays increase costs and patient safety risks. TrayTrac is a comprehensive electronic tray tracking & management system for the assembly and tracking of surgical instrument trays and peel packs. Touch screen, wireless (RFID) and scanning technologies facilitate precise logistical inventory management of trays and peel packs as they move throughout your sterile processing and OR workflows.

With TrayTrac you can achieve 100% accurate tray assembly with a system that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and completely web-based. This powerful system automatically creates and manages your count sheets. You‘ll find it an essential training and quality control tool as well; providing audio and visual alerts for possible assembly and sterilization errors.

The system comes with a database of thousands of the most commonly used instruments and can store and display photos of your specialized tray assemblies. An extensive reporting system provides the needed data for benchmarking and measurement for continuous process improvement of your SPD group. Suddenly OR efficiency and infection control are perfectly aligned, and you’re on the path to improved patient safety.

TrayTrac helps:

  • Track trays through the entire reprocessing workflow
  • Automatically create & manage count sheets
  • Eliminate missing or lost trays
  • Increase tray assembly speed and accuracy with same resources
  • Establish tray accuracy and traceability goals and then measure to those goals
  • Train technicians faster with assembly instructions and images, PDF's, slide shows and video
  • Create the foundation for Patient Safety in the OR

TrayTrac Benefits:

Alignment between Quality Control and Improved Workflow Efficiency

Implementing TrayTrac eliminates staff hours wasted searching for missing instruments and reassembling improperly configured trays because trays will now be assembled correctly the first time. And now your staff will have constant and full visibility for every tray in your system, whether it is in decontamination, prep and pack, sterile storage, or anywhere else. Visual and audible alerts are cued when reprocessing steps are missed or if load contents are mismatched with sterilization processes. That kind of workflow control will empower your staff to productivity gains as it increases the efficiency of your OR.

100% Accuracy and Faster Assembly

No matter what your circumstances, you can process more trays in less time. Censitrac® TrayTrac tracks every detail of every tray assembly throughout your entire hospital - what, when, who, and how long it took - so you can accurately benchmark and train where needed. Pictures of correctly assembled trays, along with a database of thousands of commonly used instruments, give you a training tool to help your staff reach a higher degree of competency in a shorter time.

Our Professional Team Makes Your Implementation Easy

Censitrac®'s professional implementation team has hundreds of hours logged helping SPDs like yours realize the benefits of TrayTrac. These process professionals have expertise optimizing SPD's because they understand the challenges you face and how software and technology can help. They'll have your TrayTrac system up and running quickly and you'll be on the path to improved patient safety and operating efficiency.

TrayTrac includes all the functionality of ScopeTrac, SterilTrac and MobileTrac modules and can easily be expanded to InstrumenTrac.

Product Features:

  • Track Individual Trays
  • Track Individual Loaner Trays
  • Electronic Sterilizer Interface
  • OR Scheduler Interface
  • RFID Technology Option
  • Complete Suite of Reporting Tools
  • Professional Implementation
graphic: surgical tray in the operating room, showing the Censis medical device tracking solutions

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