ScopeTrac – The Starting Point for Zero Surgical Site Infections

scopeleft_endoThe use of endoscopes is on the rise yet reprocessing these expensive instruments is complex and can easily be a center of hospital acquired infection risk (HAI). As we've seen recently at certain government healthcare facilities, inappropriate endoscope reprocessing can expose hundreds of patients to life-threatening diseases.

ScopeTrac guides your technicians through the manufacturers' recommended and your internally required reprocessing procedures for every scope in your inventory. And ScopeTrac is the only electronic tracking & management system for reprocessing endoscopes that can capture data from your reprocessing equipment, making it an essential part of the complete patient safety record.

An easy-to-use, web-based system, ScopeTrac ensures your endoscopes are ready when you need them. Using RFID and scanning technologies ScopeTrac also provides key data for managing and tracking these high value assets. You can maintain your endoscope inventory based on actual use and not merely a calendar schedule. And you'll be able to track loaners with 100% accuracy.

ScopeTrac helps:

  • Save time and increase OR efficiency
  • Validate inventory data for all endoscopes
  • Ensure compliance with guidelines from the FDA, CDC, TJC, and AAMI
  • Reduce reprocessing errors and damage to your endoscope inventory
  • Provide complete information for audits, trend analysis and benchmarking for process improvement
  • Provide the ultimate patient safety/infection control for endoscope inventory
  • Create the foundation for Patient Safety in the OR

ScopeTrac Benefits:

Extend the life of your Endoscope Inventory

Censitrac®'s ScopeTrac module provides automated reference information and reprocessing data capture, workflow processing and maintenance histories, and real-time locator service so that you always know your endoscopes are properly reprocessed, maintained and accounted for. The history and reference information in the system means that your endoscopes are serviced correctly and only as needed based on actual use and wear.

Accurately Track Loaners

Using RFID and scanning technology in combination with permanent instrument marking, manufacturers’ serial numbers or tags, your Endo Lab can quickly and accurately check-in and check-out both owned and loaner equipment to and from your facility. Lost and misplaced endoscopes can become a thing of the past.

Provide a Foundation for Patient Safety

ScopeTrac provides for accountability and accurate tracking. And your recordkeeping for compliance with regulatory recommendations is automatically and accurately recorded. ScopeTrac is part of the complete patient safety record.

ScopeTrac can easily expand functionally with the addition of all other Censitrac® modules.

Product Features:

  • Store Catalog of Reprocessing Instructions
  • 3 instrument identification options: permanent marks, serial numbers and tags
  • Store and display video, photos, manufacturer's manuals or standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Capture Test and Reprocessing Data
  • RFID or Scanning for Location and Case Tracking
  • Full Reporting Tools
  • Maintenance Histories and Reminder Alerts

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