SterilTrac - The Starting Point for Zero Surgical Site Infections

graphic: surgical instrument tracking system, utilizing Censitrac eSterltrac Sterilization Documentation for surgical instrument managementCensitrac®'s SterilTrac provides complete automation and recordkeeping for SPD terminal sterilization and OR-based Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS). Designed to provide immediate functionality regarding sterilizer electronic record keeping in both the OR and SPD, SterilTrac also serves as the scalable foundation for easily adding other Censitrac® tracking modules: instruments, trays, endoscopes or mobile equipment.

Using barcode scanning or drop down menus with touch screens SterilTrac matches sterilizers with load items for each sterilization cycle. This proven, reliable, web-based system provides detailed sterilization information at the tray level. You can rest assured that you’ll have 100% accurate and complete sterilization data records for review and analysis. This accurate, efficient recordkeeping also enables efficient recall procedures for failed markers on specific sterilizer loads. SterilTrac can also store electronic copies of your equipment tapes.

SterilTrac is the beginning of infection control and risk management for HAI.

SterilTrac helps:

  • Electronically capture all SPD terminal sterilization records
  • Electronically capture all OR IUSS sterilization records
  • Ensure quality control with visual and audible alerts for all daily validations (Bowie-Dick and BI's cycles)
  • Free your staff for other tasks by eliminating manual SPD and OR paperwork
  • Ensure documentation compliance in SPD and OR including archiving requirements
  • Create the foundation for Patient Safety in the OR

SterilTrac benefits:

Reduce IUSS in OR, Improve Sterilization Data Accuracy

By automating the capture of sterilization data your SPD and OR staff are relieved of manual recordkeeping and the accuracy of these same records increases. You can now feel assured that you're in compliance with policies, and that you have complete and accurate information for audits, trend analysis and benchmarking for process improvement. Your OR has confidence too that trays arrive properly processed and documented.

No Load on your IT Staff or Environment

SterilTrac is a completely web-based, software-as-a-service system so your SPD has no need to call on your IT staff. SterilTrac's touch-screen, menu-driven user interface is intuitively easy to use.

SterilTrac can easily expand functionally with the addition of all other Censitrac® modules.

Product Features:

  • Automatic Capture of Sterilization Records
  • Automatic OR IUSS Recordkeeping
  • Sterilizer Interface Compatibility
  • Alerts for Daily Validations
  • Eliminate Paper Records
graphic: surgical tray using the Censis count sheet management tool for medical device tracking solutions

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