Supporting Your OR Performance Imperative

graphic: surgical instrument tracking, utilizing Censitrac surgical instrument management systemsThe Operating Room is the largest revenue source for most hospitals and health systems, typically accounting for between 50 and 70 percent of the operating margin.  That number is even higher for freestanding surgical facilities.  For that reason, maximized revenue, enhanced efficiency, cost control, surgeon satisfaction, electronic health records, risk management, and capital asset preservation are all goals of today's well-run Operating Room.  There is no room for anything less than peak performance and Censitrac® delivers the proven solutions that close the gap between mediocre performance and maximum performance in the OR.   

The Right Level of Surgical Instrument Tracking to Meet Your Needs

Censis® provides a flexible portfolio of surgical instrument tracking options using Censitrac®, a highly advanced, web-based, customer friendly platform.  Censis® Technologies, a leader in web-based surgical instrument management systems, designs the system that best fits your specific needs--from sterilization documentation to count sheets, to full trays, to individual instruments. Censis® offers a practical affordable choice in instrument management solutions.  The Censitrac® suite of scalable solutions allows you to choose the level of tracking that is right for you, facilitating an increase in patient safety, productivity, tray accuracy, and peace of mind, knowing that your instruments are in the right place at the right time. 

Learn More about the Features and Benefits of Censitrac® Tracking Products

Benefits of Using Censitrac®

  • Electrochemical permanent tracking marks
  • Identify instruments in milliseconds
  • Complete instrument information
  • 100% accurate tray assembly
  • Thorough inventory management
  • Comprehensive, robust reporting
  • Foundation for Patient Safety in the OR
graphic: surgical instruments in the operating room, showing the Censis instrument management solutions

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