MobileTrac - The Starting Point for Zero Surgical Site Infections

mobileleft_equipmentEvery hospital struggles with tracking and managing its mobile, patient care assets. Well now there is a real-time solution: Censitrac®'s MobileTrac provides location visibility for all of this inventory any time, using scanning or RFID technology. The system also provides for asset maintenance based on specific schedules. Full reporting and tracking tools help manage the timely return of rentals and loaners.

Using bar code technology to uniquely serialize and identify each piece of mobile patient care equipment the MobileTrac database stores detailed information on every piece of equipment, including: supplier information, catalog number and description, price, preventive maintenance schedule, serial number, ownership, disinfectant method, acquisition date, etc. The extensive reporting tools helps you optimize your asset management based on trend analysis of real data.

MobileTrac is an easy-to-use, web-based system that can expand functionally with other CensiTrac® tracking modules including instrument, tray, endoscope, and sterilization data.

MobileTrac helps:

  • Validate inventory data for mobile equipment
  • Maintain equipment based on user-defined schedules
  • Eliminate searching for missing or lost equipment
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Improve OR efficiency
  • Perform audits, trend analysis and benchmarking for inventory optimization and process improvement
  • Create the foundation for Patient Safety in the OR

MobileTrac Benefits:

Equipment is Accounted for 24/7

MobileTrac allows you to manage every piece of mobile equipment using unique bar-code labels. Scanning these labels as equipment moves throughout your facility ensures that you always know the location of your entire mobile equipment inventory.

Improved Maintenance and Reduced Inventory

Maintenance requirements for specific equipment can be defined and historically tracked. Maintenance schedule reports are available. This enables you to expend maintenance funds according to appropriate schedules resulting in longer useful life and more efficient maintenance costs. The resulting accurate inventory management also allows you to measure and control turn rates, warranty rates and useful life by vendor. All this information helps you better manage your equipment investment.

Easy to Use

Wireless and handheld scanning technology allows you to quickly and efficiently locate your equipment. An intuitive, touch screen interface is easy for your existing and new staff to learn.

MobileTrac can easily expand functionally with the addition of all other Censitrac® modules.

Product Features:

  • Equipment Management at Unit Level
  • Unique Bar Code Identification
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • RFID or Scanning Tracking
  • Full Reporting Tools

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