InstrumenTrac - The Starting Point for Zero Surgical Site Infections

graphic: surgical instrument tracking, utilizing the Censitrac surgical instrument management systemCensitrac®'s InstrumenTrac electronic instrument tracking & management is the most fully featured and robust instrument level tracking available. You now can achieve 100% tray accuracy with faster assembly times and increase patient safety. Our permanent marking for individual instruments gives you visibility and traceability throughout your facility providing you with full accountability for every instrument and every step of your entire workflow cycle.

InstrumenTrac will also provide complete automation and recordkeeping for SPD terminal and OR-based Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS). Because you're tracking at the instrument level, InstrumenTrac facilitates target patient notification for instrument level recalls as well as immediate visibility to every instrument’s reprocessing and use records. This level of visibility and traceability is what AAMI defines as part of the complete patient safety record.

InstrumenTrac has been implemented in more SPD's than any other instrument tracking solution because it is the most complete and powerful system available for surgical instrument tracking. Implementing InstrumenTrac will help you realize quality and productivity gains in your assembly process and in the speed and competencies of your staff, while reducing costs.

So eliminate OR delays and their patient safety risks by ensuring that your instruments and trays are in the right place, at the right time, in the right condition. Now instead of spending hours searching for instruments, your staff can focus on more critical and important work. Suddenly OR efficiency and infection control are perfectly aligned, and you're on the path to improved patient safety.

InstrumenTrac will help you:

  • Ensure your OR has the right instruments at the right time in the right condition
  • Achieve 100% tray accuracy
  • Optimize instrument maintenance and purchasing
  • Expedite SPD staff training and productivity
  • Rapidly identify affected cases and instruments for recalls or surgical site infections
  • Create the foundation for Patient Safety in the OR

InstrumenTrac Benefits:

Mark Instruments Once and Maintain 100% Tray Accuracy Thereafter

Censitrac®'s permanent 2-D marking means that once your inventory is marked, tray assemblies and instrument histories are always 100% accurate. This means that even as your quality of tray assembly increases, the number of trays processed can also increase, in part because audio and visual alerts sound if there is a mismatch between an instrument scanned for a particular tray. This supervisory system helps with training too.

Inventory Optimization

Many SPD's we work with have no good system to monitor instrument maintenance and inventory. With InstrumenTrac the purchase and maintenance histories for specific instruments are tracked and maintenance alerts are triggered based on actual use. The extensive reporting tools allow you to measure and control turn rates, warranty rates and useful life by vendor, as well as target excess or inadequate instrument stock. InstrumenTrac gives you the information you need to better manage your overall surgical instrument investment.

Touch Screens, Scanning and Wireless Technologies, Intuitive Interface

The intuitive, touch screen interface is easy to learn and use. InstrumenTrac's database of thousands of commonly used instruments helps guide and train technicians. And it interfaces with any OR scheduler for optimal workflow coordination between surgery and your sterile processing departments. Best of all by starting with CensiCount, SterilTrac or TrayTrac you're already well on your way to full instrument tracking so upgrading to InstrumenTrac is even easier.

InstrumenTrac includes all the functionality of other Censtrac® modules.

Product Features:

  • Track at the Instrument Level
  • Schedule and Measure Instrument Level Maintenance
  • Automated Count Sheets
  • OR Scheduler Interface
  • Electronic Sterilizer Interface
  • Recall at Instrument Level
  • Complete Suite of Reporting Tools
  • Professional Implementation
graphic: surgical instruments in the operating room, showing the Censis medical device tracking solutions

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