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Censitrac®'s count sheet management tool, CensiCount, is a completely web-based central repository for managing your count sheets. Eliminate out-of-date Excel or Word documents with accurate, up to date and easy to manage count sheets generated from this user-friendly solution.

All you need is web access, a PC and a printer. This centralized internet approach stores all your tray set-ups. Any change made to the master count sheet for a specific tray name becomes immediately available to all technicians, ensuring that the count sheet they use will always be accurate.

CensiCount provides descriptions, quantities, catalog information, and tray placement locations for the required instruments. And this FREE count sheet management tool can expand functionally by integrating with other Censitrac® modules.

This FREE OFFER comes with the Censitrac® instrument catalog which contains detailed information on hundreds of thousands of instruments, including suppliers, product descriptions and catalog numbers. Users have the ability to customize their catalog by adding new items, modifying product descriptions, adding images and maintaining cost information for their hospital. There are also Administration features for access control, like authorization levels and user ID and password settings.

CensiCount is the first step towards automating your tray and instrument catalog. Once that's accomplished implementing tray and instrument tracking is much easier. So get started with this FREE OFFER by filling out your request form below and get on the path to 100% accuracy of your count sheets. Certain terms and conditions apply.


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