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For a free no-obligation evaluation of how Censitrac® can improve your ability to support your patient safety goals and help maximize the performance of your Operating Room and enhance SPD performance at your facility, please provide us with the following information.  The information will be treated by Censis® as confidential (see our Privacy Policy below) and will not be used for any other purposes.

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Are you buying instruments unnecessarily due to lost or missing instrumentation?
Do you think repair and maintenance is performed on instruements before it is time?
Do you have difficulty holding instrument vendors accountable for warranty?
Has anyone ever steam sterilized a scope or camera by mistake?
Do you lose loaner tray items sometimes?
Do OR staff spend time looking for instruments?
Do CS technicians spend time looking for lost instruments?
Does it take time to teach new CS technicians about tray configurations and instrumentation?
Do CS technicians have to work overtime?
Do you rush to process loaner trays when first introduced into the processing cycle?
Do you have turnover in the CS department?
Do you use Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS) on your instruments and loaner trays?
Do you spend time manually writing and logging IUSS results?
Do you spend time manually writing and loggin CS sterilization results?
Do you have to store sterilization records for more than one year?
Do you rush certain sets through sterilization because of scheduled procedures?








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